Recommended reading


Introducing Philosophy – by Robert Solomon

Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview – JP Moreland and William Lane Craig

Metaphysics – Peter Van Inwagen

The Last Word – Thomas Nagel

Divine Action – Keith Ward

The Nature of Necessity – Alvin Plantinga

The Blackwells Companion to Natural Theology – Edited by JP Moreland and William Lane Craig

Quantum Theory

Quantum Enigma – Bruce Rosenblum and  Fred Kuttner

The Ghost in the Atom – Paul Davies

The Matter Myth – Paul Davies and John Gribbin

Modern Physics and Ancient Faith – Stephen Barr

The Mystery of the Quantum World – Euan Squires

New Testament Reliability

Trusting the New Testament – JP Holding

Reinventing Jesus – Ed Komoszewski, M. Sawyer, and Daniel Wallace

Dethroning Jesus – Darrell Bock and Daniel Wallace

Fabricating Jesus – Craig Evans

Jesus and the Eyewitnesses – Richard Bauckham

The Resurrection of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus – Mike Licona

Defending the Resurrection – JP Holding

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus – Gary Habermas and Mike Licona

The Resurrection of the Son of God – NT Wright

Philosophy of Mind

The Mind and the Brain – Jeffery Schwartz

More than Matter – Keith Ward

The Idea of the World – Bernado Kastrup

Irreducible Mind -Edward Kelly and Emily Williams Kelly

Structuralist Evolution

Life’s Solution – Simon Conway Morris

The Runes of Evolution – Simon Conway Morris

The Deep Structure of Biology – Simon Conway Morris

Evolution: Still a theory in Crisis – Michael Denton

The Structure of Evolutionary Theory – Stephen Jay Gould

Fitness of the Cosmos for Life – Simon Conway Morris

Old Testament Theology and Reliability

On the Reliability of the Old Testament – Kenneth Kitchen

Unseen Realm – Michael Heiser

The Lost world of Genesis One – John H. Walton

The Lost World of Adam and Eve  – John H. Walton

The Lost World of the Torah  – John H. Walton

The Lost World of Scripture – John H. Walton and Brent Sandy